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Preparing for Battle

Preparing for Battle
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Comic Transcript

BOSS: I’ve called you here to tell you about my latest evil plan for world software domination…

BOSS: The online computer role-playing market is one I have largely ignored, thinking it not worthy of my efforts… But over the weekend I learned that these games are addictive, insidiously so, which guarantees that whoever controls this market will have a never-ending mass of people form which to demand tribute.

BOSS: I intend for this market to be MINE. We will create and publish an online computer role-playing game that will drive the others into obsolescence, and then I alone will be able to exploit this market… properly.

BOSS: Alice, I called you here because you’ll be in charge of creating as much hype and anticipation as you can for the release of this game. make sure the press is aware of it and tantalize, tantalize, tantalize…

BOSS: Viktor, there are some firmly-entrenched competitors out there. I need you to sue them. Any reason will do.


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