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The New Evil Plan

The New Evil Plan
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Comic Transcript

ALICE: See, the Boss has decided that because Massively-Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games like EverQuest and Ultima Online have such a rabid following,t hat we need to marshal our forces of darkness and create the single most addictive MMORPG ever created… We’re going to ensnare the minds and souls of gamers everywhere, and of course drive all the other companies out of business. It’s only a mater of time before we dominate yet another market…

ALEX: I see.

ALICE: So, of course, we need volunteers to test the game, to make sure it’s addictive enough to allow us to get away with adding a few usability tweaks that will increase the mental distress of the player…

ALEX: “Usability tweaks?”


BINKY: Hey there, Skipper! Looks like you’re trying to cast a spell!

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