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Schroedinger’s Plot

Schroedinger's Plot

NARRATOR: THE SITUATION: On Friday, April 25, Help Desk ran the strip “Evil’s Saturation Point,” where Phil the programmer came up with a program that was, as far as we know, very, very evil.

PHIL: Oh, hey, I just had a thought.

NARRATOR: The following week, on April 29, “The Rime of the Ancient Marketer” showed Alice being evasive when Alex asked her about the software project… the implication being they couldn’t think of one.

ALICE: It’s… Um… it’s too evil to mention by name.

NARRATOR: THE PROBLEM: If the events occurred in the order listed in the comic, Alice’s actions directly contradict the preceding comic. On the 25th the strip suggests they’d thought of a new super-evil software project, on the 29th the strip suggests they were still struggling to come up with any idea whatsoever.

NARRATOR: THE SOLUTION: The solution the cartoonist took was simple: do nothing for a week but stare into the oncoming headlights of the truck known as Plot Continuity Lapse. Hence, the lack of new strips.

NARRATOR: Of course, there must be a better solution. There must be a creative and elegant way of reconciling these two opposing strips… But what could it be?

NARRATOR: … I said, what could it be?

ALEX: I wasn’t listening.

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