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Project Albatross

Project Albatross
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Comic Transcript

PHIL: Look… “Project Albatross” is supposed to be the single most evil program to ever hit the computer industry. So we were sitting there, trying to come up with an idea that would meet the standard of depravity that the Boss had set…

PHIL: What is the single most polarizing issue in the world of computers today? And my first response was “Copyright, Patent and Trademark infringement,” but that was too vague, so then I said “well, I guess it’s software piracy” but we’d already dealt with that. So THEN I thought “maybe it’s music pracy,” what with the advent of DVD players, CD-burners and MP3 files… but here’s really no new ground to be gained by going where Napster and the music labels have already gone.

PHIL: Then I thought maybe we could just talk about a top-secret evil program without actually planning anything. That way we could sit back and read what all the industry pundits would GUESS about our incredibly evil product, and take the guess we liked best and use that.

ALEX: That sounds familiar.

PHIL: It is. That was the basis of our .NIT strategy. So I had to think of something else.

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