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Evil’s Saturation Point

Evil's Saturation point
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Comic Transcript

ALICE: This is ridiculous. We’re the most evil corporation in the world, it should be child’s play to think of the world’s most evil program.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: The problem is one of degree, my dear. There are so many evil programs in the world, it will be difficult to introduce something that will be seen as anything more than “just another evil program.”

VIKTOR SCHRECK: The Internet is so flooded with pure, naked opportunism, coupled with absolutely no regard for the end user, that creating a TRULY evil program, one that distinguishes itself form the rest of the other still very evil programs out there is a monumental task… I’m not even certain if it’s possible. The Internet may very well have been so saturated with greed and evil that we simply will not be able to distinguish our product from anyone else’s.

PHIL: Oh, hey, I just had a thought.

ALEX (Thinking): I sense danger.

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