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Competition in an Unexpected Venue (Recap)

Competition in an Unexpected Venue (Recap)
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Comic Transcript

NARRATOR: RECAP: When we last left Mr. Bunny, the Hoppy Computer Guy, also known as the Dark Lord of Ubersoft, he was facing a personal crisis of epic proportions.

BOSS: They think I’m washed up. They think I’m a has-been. They think… They think Steve Case is more evil than I am.

NARRATOR: His personal life was a mess. His professional reputation was in danger of falling to pieces. And his flaming letters had taken up residence with a competitor.


AOL EMPLOYEE: I’m sorry Mr. Case… But it seems to like you.

NARRATOR: The Dark Lord of Ubersoft had come to a crossroads, and he needed to come up with a plan: a plan that would restore him to his former dark glory.

NARRATOR: I said, the Dark Lord of Ubersoft had come to a crossroads…

BOSS: I heard you the first time.

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