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When Mail Attacks!

When Mail Attacks!
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Comic Transcript

ALEX: Hey, Mark, I got my copy of eComStation in the mail the other day.

MARK: You got your WHAT??? You’re not even an OS/2 user!

ALEX: Yeah, I know, but you’ve been going on and on about it, and when I was thinking about doing Linux tech support I decided to go ahead and order it to support the alternate OS scene.

MARK: I can’t believe it! I’ve been waiting for a year for this thing, and you get it first!

MONK: Hey guys, my copy of eComStation came in the mail today.

MARK: What? You too???

MONK: Well, I figured if Alex was getting it, I might as well give it a try.

MARK: It just doesn’t get any more unfair than this.

SCOTT: Hey! Guess what I got in the mail?

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