The Monster, Unleashed

The Monster, Unleashed

MARK: Umm… Binky, I’m not sure how to say this… but I’ve been going over the latest version of UberWordSoftOfficePro… you know, to write the user’s manual… and I can’t find any trace of the IntelliProzac(TM) technology that integrates you with the suite.

BINKY: What do you mean?

MARK: I mean… it looks like they left you out of the new release. I guess the programmers decided the new version is so easy to use, they just don’t need you any more.

MARK: Uh… what are you doing, Binky?

EVIL BINKY: I’m going to have a little chat with Phil. Then I’m going to have a little chat with ANY PART OF HIM THAT SURVIVES.

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