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Delaying Tactics

Delaying Tactics
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Comic Transcript

MARK: So have they solved the Binky problem yet?

ALEX: No, but apparently Phil discovered a weakness.

ALEX: If you ask Demonic Binky to help you perform any of the traditional UberWordSoftPro paperclip tasks, it transforms back into Annoying Binky for a short period of time. Phil is in the basement stalling, keeping it busy, while everyone else tries to figure out what to do.

PHIL: All right, Binky, but before you kill me, I need you to help me create a letter to my parents explaining what happened. I warn you, though, I’m a terrible speller, and I’ll need the entire document checked for both spelling and grammar at least twice.


(“Bink” noise.)

BINKY: Sure thing, Skipper!

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