Subscribing to Lunacy V

Subscribing to Lunacy V
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Comic Transcript

BINKY: Heya, Skipper! I hear you’ve been telling customers that our new subscription model will allow them to buy versions of our software without me in it! That’s not really true, is it? Am I being retired?

ALEX: No, Binky. I don’t think the Boss would ever really retire you.

BINKY: Well, gee, Skipper, that’s great! Because gosh, I really like helping people use their software, and it would sure be shame if I couldn’t do that any more! Gee, people really seem to appreciate it! They give me all kinds of affectionate nicknames, you know…

ALEX: Affectionate, huh?

BINKY: Yep! Wanna hear them?

ALEX: Oh, I think I can guess.

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