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The Hidden Agenda

The Hidden Agenda
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Comic Transcript

TV PERSONALITY: My guest, head of Ubersoft’s legal department, claims that supporters of “open standards” like the PNG format are actually former Soviets who are working to destabilize the American economy.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: That’s right. They’re subversive, anti-capitalist operatives who ruthlessly exploit the Internet in order to undermine the Free Market.

TV PERSONALITY: It seems far-fetched to me…

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Not at all. Look a the quality of the PNG format, for example. It’s smaller than a GIF and you have more flexibility using it! It must have cost quite a lot in order to develop something superior to GIFs in so many ways… so why did they make it open to everyone?

TV PERSONALITY: Because… they wanted people to use it?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Industrial sabotage! And unless you’re a for-profit business trying to grind your competitors under the heel of your massive, shiny black boot, that’s very un-American.

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