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Comic Transcript

NICK: How can you do this?

ALEX: Do what?

NICK: How can you work for these people? You seem like a smart guy. You don’t radate evil. But you work for… for… for Ubersoft! For a company famous, INFAMOUS, for releasing buggy software and blaming it on someone else!

ALEX: Oh, it’s not that bad.

ALEX: I get free parking. I have a good health plan, and a marvellous dental plan. I get all the coffee I want to drink, all day, free, and I can play solitaire all day if I want. I like the guys I work with, and I ignore most of my managers. All in all, it’s a good gig.

ALEX: Meanwhile, you put in 18 hour days in order to get a product out the door that, if it does well, we’ll wind up copying and selling at a lower price, eventually driving you out of business.

NICK: I think I’m going to cry.

ALEX: That’s the spirit.

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