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Matter of Opinion

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Matter of Opinion
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Comic Transcript

JUDGE: So let me get this straight — you accuse GPF Software of distributing your modified source code, even though it was one of your own programmers who sent them the code in the first place?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: You see, Your Honor, Ubersoft owns the intellectual property that Phil, the programmer, sent to his friend at GPF. Phil had no authorization to do this, it was done against Ubersoft’s wishes, and Ubersoft’s reputation has suffered significantly.

JUDGE: But my understanding is the operating system runs better than it ever has before.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Exactly my point, Your Honor.

JUDGE: I’m afraid I don’t…

VIKTOR SCHRECK: This act has unreasonably raised the expectations of our customers when it comes to our other products. We’re suffering form a good reputation, Your Honor, and we won’t stand for it!

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