Feeding the Hand that Bites You, Continued

Feeding the Hand That Bites You, Continued
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Comic Transcript

ALEX: Tell me about your problem.

FEDS: We’re working on some documentation we’re going to use against your company in the Appellate Court in a few weeks… but before we can finish, we need to figure out how to turn off the auto-correct feature.

ALEX: The auto-correct feature is a very useful, important part of UberWordSoftPro. Based on our years of experience in the realm of word processing, we’ve created a database of all the most common typing errors and programmed the software to replace those errors with the correct phrases.

CUSTOMER: It keeps replacing “We, the Department of Justice, will prove Ubersoft’s guilt in the matter of” with “We, the Department of Justice, hereby drop all charges against Ubersoft Corporation.”

ALEX: See? That’s exactly what I was talking about.

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