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Steve’s Ego, Conclusion

Steve's Ego, Conclusion
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Comic Transcript

NARRATOR: Some readers have written me, complaining about this week’s “theme.” While they found the first one or two jokes about Steve Jobs’ very large ego funny, apparently they didn’t want to read an entire week’s worth of comic strips expounding on Steve Jobs’ huge ego.

NARRATOR: I’d like to apologize for this. Steve Jobs’ really huge ego notwithstanding, it’s simply not funny to try and re-use the same joke for an entire week. I was a bit stumped for ideas, so I tried to milk as much humour as I could out of Steve Jobs’ really, really, really, really, really big ego.

So from now on, no more jokes about Steve’s stupendously large ego.

ALEX: How about the World Trade Center?

BOSS: Bigger.

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