Satisfied Customers

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Satisfied Customers
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Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: I just wanted to thank you guys for finally making Nifty Doorways so stable. It never crashes now.

ALEX: No, we’ve talked about this before. What you’re using is Corel Linux, a Linux distro that looks like our own product, but wont’ run any of our programs.

CUSTOMER: No, this is Nifty Doorways, and I’m even running UberWordSoftPro. thanks for that was well, by the way, it’s now so amazingly stable that I don’t even need to save the document until I’m finished working on it.

ALEX: You must be joking.

CUSTOMER: But what I think I like best is the little paperclip. It’s so helpful!

ALEX: Stay where you are. Medical personnel will be reaching you shortly.

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