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Oh, THAT Green Curtain

Oh, THAT Green Curtain
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Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: So Ubersoft is pushing its .NIT platform without having any clear knowledge of what .NIT actually does?

ALEX: That’s right. It’s a tactic that has served us well over the years.

ALEX: We start by going to computer shows, and during keynote speeches, we mention all the problems that the current computing trend has. Then we drop in out buzzword and tell people that this buzzword will take advantage of the existing infrastructure while avoiding its pitfalls. Then we move on. We keep doing this until people start repeating it, then we try to figure out what, exactly, the buzzword does.

CUSTOMER: And what happens if you never figure out what the buzzword does?

ALEX: Then we usually just release the product, claiming the feature is there, and accuse the industry of not supporting the new standard.

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