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Spreadsheet Madness

Spreadsheet Madness
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Comic Transcript

ALEX: Ubersoft eSupport, Alex speaking. how can I help you?

CUSTOMER: Um, yeah. I use your spreadsheet product, and one of the features I use a lot is the ability to protect rows of information, making it hidden from view and inaccessible unless you have access.

CUSTOMER: Well, apparently if you select the entire document, copy and paste it into a new document, those “protected” fields get pasted as well — even if you have read-only access.

ALEX: Yes. This is a feature for people who need to retrieve data from a spreadsheet that someone else “locked down” and forgot to unlock.

ALEX: However, we don’t tell anyone about this feature, so no-one knows about. It’s perfectly safe.

CUSTOMER: Riiight. No-one knows about it, which is why I’M ON THE PHONE TALKING TO YOU ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW.

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