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The Untold STory, Part II

Negotiations: The Untold Story, Part Two
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Comic Transcript

NARRATOR: (Weeks ago, Ubersoft and the DOJ were trying to come to a settlement..)

VIKTOR SCHRECK: The Judge really wants us to settle, so why don’t you accept our offer? We promise never to do anything wrong in the future, claim we were never wrong in the first place, and keep doing business as usual… and you get to say you’ve won. Seems fair.

FED: We have some problems with your proposal… see, the Judge has already said that he agrees with us — that you’ve committed Unholy Business Practices. There’s every indication that, when it comes to sentencing, he’ll find you guilty. And we suspect that we can win the whole shooting match without making any concessions whatsoever. So why should we accept your offer?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: OK, how about we add a vague and somewhat meaningless quasi-apology that comes off sounding more like an act of defiance than simple acknowledgment of guilt?

FED: I don’t think you’re getting this.

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