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Upgrade Strategies

Upgrade Strategies
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Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: I’m trying to figure out which version of your Operating Systems I’m supposed to upgrade to… and I’m getting confused.

ALEX: It’s easy. Track the history of each OS and follow that line to the OS you want to buy. We started with Nifty Doorways and Doorways 96…

ALEX: Then we split apart Nifty Doorways into Nifty Doorways Server and Nifty Doorways Workstation… then we released Doorways 99, then Doorways 9SE… now we’re about to release Nifty Doorways 2001: an OS Odyssey in both Server and Workstation versions, with a home user edition to follow, but we’re still going to provide an update to Doorways 99, though we’ll claim we won’t…

ALEX: Ultimately, we’ll merge all the products together and claim that’s what we intended all along, but not until we make you pay for every single operating system we sell.

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