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Comic Transcript


ALEX: Hello, and welcome to Ubersoft’s eBusiness eSupport hotline, where we give you cutting-edge, state of the art support for all our cutting-edge, state of the art eBusiness products and eSolutions…

ALEX: I’m Alex, your eSupport hotline technician, and I’ll help you maximize your return of investment with any of Ubersoft’s eBusiness products, whether it’s an infrastructure question involving Ubersoft eDoorway Server, or a question about our productivity suite, Ubersoft eWord Suite 2001 for eBusinesses.

ALEX: Whatever you’re problems we’ll be able to help your amp up your eBusiness quickly and efficiently, allowing you to participate in the online economy that will be an integral part of business as usual for this millennium.

CUSTOMER: I want to know how to get rid of this !@#$% paperclip.

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