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Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: I just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am with your newest release of Nifty Doorways. It’s the most stable and bug-free release I’ve ever used. It’s been up for days, and hasn’t given me any problems at all…

ALEX: What?

ALEX: We haven’t released a new version of Nifty Doorways yet…

CUSTOMER: What do you mean? I’m using it right now! It’s stable, it’s easy to configure, and it has that little task bar on the bottom of the screen, and… oh. Wait. Sorry. Apparently, this is something called “Corel Linux.”

MALE UBERTHUG: Alert. We have an unauthorized operating system on line 5. Repeat. We have an unauthorized operating system on line 5.

FEMALE UBERTHUG: We’re not ready! We need more time!

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