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The Birth of Binky, Part 2

The Birth of Binky, Part 2
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Comic Transcript

PHIL (Narration): “I remembered a product we’d released a while back called ‘Ubersoft Bud’… a human interface program.”

PHIL (Drunk): What a great program!

MITCH (Drunk): Yeah!

BARRY (Drunk): I’ll drink to that!

NARRATOR: Phil is telling the story of Binky’s “birth.”

PHIL (Narration): “I thought, hey, it didn’t work then, but it’ll definitely work here!”

PHIL (Drunk): Let’s do it!

MITCH (Drunk): OK! Love it!

BARRY (Drunk): Let’s get started!

PHIL (Narration): “Programmers have a name for this: ‘Beer Code-Goggling.'”

PHIL, MITCH & BARRY (Drunk): This is the most beautiful program I have ever seen in my life!

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