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Y2K Urban Legend, Part IV

Y2K Urban Legend Part IV
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Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: What’s the point of even HAVING a Y2K fix if it’s only going to be available AFTER your software screws up?

ALEX: We’re aware that it’s awkward, but UberStub(TM) is a very complicated and powerful program. We have to be sure we’re fixing the problems correctly, or other features in the software will be disabled or become unreliable.

ALEX: We suggest, until that time, that you send out a memo to your employes stating that due to the potential problems the Y2K effect may have in your industry, all personnel are placed on alert, and all vacation time is suspended until the danger has passed.

CUSTOMER: That just might work.

ALEX: Have a nice day, and thank you for calling Ubersoft Technical Support.

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