PCtown FAQ

What is PCTown?

PCTown is a limited-run webcomic that forked off from Help Desk.

Forked? What the heck does that mean?

"Forking" is a programming term for taking source code that is currently being developed by one group and developing it yourself independently of their efforts. This famously happened with the emacs editor software: some developers wanted features in emacs that the original developers weren't willing to put in so they copied the code and did it themselves--which resulted in the program xemacs.

So why did you fork PCtown?

PCtown originally started as a one-off gag where Ubersoft tries to play up the rough edges and instability of their products by creating a commercial that presents the PC in a noir format. After writing that gag I actually came up with a story set in that universe, and I'd intended to run it as a Help Desk story arc. Unfortunately it's a real pain in the neck to draw, which made it difficult to update my main comic on a regular schedule.

I decided the best thing to do was to decouple PCtown from Help Desk so I could update Help Desk normally and update PCtown when new art was available.

How is that forking exactly?

It isn't exactly. Poetic license.

So is PCtown part of the Help Desk universe?

So far it shares one character with Help Desk, but I don't really consider it part of the Help Desk universe, any more than the Maltese Falcon is part of our universe. The Maltese Falcon was a movie. It was fiction. PCtown is also fiction. So is Help Desk, for that matter, but it's different fiction.

How often does PCtown update?

A fair question. It updates as often as I can manage. It is by far my most graphics-intensive project, and my artist skills really aren't up to the task, so it can take a ridiculously long time to finish a comic.