Somewhere In An Alley

Webcomic Storyline: 

PCtown, by Christopher B. Wright

Comic Transcript: 

NARRATOR: A thump to the side of the head is an interesting way to start a conversation. It was obvious they'd used it before.

JAKE NERO: Hey! That hurt.

GOON: I wanted to get your attention.

JAKE NERO: Next time try "hello." What do you want?

GOON: You know what I want, Jake.

JAKE NERO: For a guy who's on a first-name basis with me you sure don't look familiar.

GOON: Cute. Real cute. You're a real funny man, Jake. Ain't he funny?

SECOND GOON: He's hilarious.

GOON: A regular Leon Errol.

JAKE NERO: Get to the point.

SECOND GOON: It's pretty simple, Jake.

GOON: Stay outta the girl's business.

SECOND GOON: She's been through a lot.

GOON: She's not thinking straight.

SECOND GOON: Poking around is going to stir up a hornet's nest.

GOON: Nobody wants that. Especially the stick.

JAKE NERO: Why would the stick care? Its a stick.

NARRATOR: It turns out the answer to that question was "because if the stick doesn't care it gets beaten to a pulp."


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Love to see this strip come around. It looks gorgeous.

I hope someday to see where the original "PC vs. Mac commercial" idea comes in.

It's Back! Huzzah!

... Now to go back and reread the archive... (all 10 of them...)

. -- Scott