Persuasive Language

Webcomic Storyline: 

PCtown, by Christopher B. Wright

Comic Transcript: 

NARRATOR: We talked a little longer, but questions got me nowhere. I asked her where he lived, she said she didn't know. I asked her what he did for a living, she said she didn't know. I asked her if he had any friends... she said she didn't know.

NARRATOR: I was on a trail that was two weeks cold, and I was going to need some help warming it up again.

NARRATOR: Before I could do that I ran into a couple of Joes who wanted to have a little chat.

GOON: Into the alley, Jake. No funny business.

JAKE NERO: So boys, what can I --


NARRATOR: It didn't take long to figure out what they were trying to say.


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Hey, no fair!

You've drawn way more Pctown than this! You can't be bothered to post it :-(.

Oh well, I guess we'll keep waiting to find out what happens in the end of the new Ubersoft commercial.