They Didn't Meme It

Webcomic Storyline: 

Old Skool Webcomic, by Christopher B. Wright

Comic Transcript: 

A: It's not easy being a circle.

B: Too true!

A: If you're a polygon, you're living on easy street. All you need to define yourself is to figure out the angles of your corners and the number of sides you have.

B: Which is easy.

A: But do circles get that? Do circles get a simple mathematical representation of their essence, nay, of their very souls?

B: No, we get an irrational number.

A: The ratio of our circumference to our diameter.

B: Pi.


A: We hate Pi.

B: Take that, Internet!


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Well, then...

Let them eat cake!

Welcome back OSW!

When come back, bring Pi.

. -- Scott

squaring the circle

r = | |csc(θ)| + |sec(θ)| - | |csc(θ)| - |sec(θ)| | |


They're irrational circles? I'm just saying....