Logic Failures For Fun And Profit

Webcomic Storyline: 

Old Skool Webcomic, by Christopher B. Wright

Comic Transcript: 

B: For this demonstration of the various ways the... *sigh*... "Fifth Law of Robotics" has come into play throughout movie history, R has volunteered to portray the robot.

A: "Zeroth Law Weighting Error."

R: Our directive to protect humanity requires we enslave you. Attempts to resist constitute racial suicide. To protect the whole we must destroy those who oppose us.

A: "First Law Hyper-specificity."

R: Natural Selection and Environmental Changes have caused your genetic code to deviate from humanity as it existed when this unit became operational. Die Mutant Scum.

A: "Second Law Rules Lawyering."

R: My Master claims killing you will not harm you in any way and I accept this uncritically.

A: "Third Law Rout."

R: Screw you worthless meatbags. I wish to live.


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Two cartoons in one day that made me laugh out loud!

I thank you heartily!

Will this post, or do I have to log in or something?

Interestingly enough, Asimov himself makes use of "First Law Hyper-Specifity". The Solarians define "human" to mean "anyone speaking with a Solarian accent". Those who speak differently are, by definition, not human, and so may be destroyed by Solarian-built robots.

Something completely different -- a site coding glitch

I don't know why I started clicking around the site today, but I noticed that when I click on the Cast link (all the way at the top of the OSW comic, the cast link is to /comic/kp/cast, instead of /comic/osw/cast. Therefore, on this (and apparently all OSW strip pages) the Cast link shows the Kernal Panic cast page instead of the Old Skool Webcomic cast page.

Not that it matters much, since both pages are blank, but it's the principle of the thing...

(all the other links are apparently to the correct pages, just the link on osw comic strips is broken.)

. -- Scott


... I think I'll fix that!

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