Questionable Intelligence

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ALAN: OK, after having a talk with Steven where I explained to him that I actually expected him to do some work for this presentation, we have agreed to let him start over.

STEVEN: Thanks Alan.

STEVEN: The stie where we'll be spending most of our time is a data center located on the edge of Poetic License, Alaska, a small town of about 2500 people and roughly 150 radioactive polar bears.

JOHNNY: Why are the polar bears radioactive?

STEVEN: Some kind of accident in the 70s. I couldn't find any specific information.

ALAN: It looks like Steven and I are going to have to have another talk.

STEVEN: Less reliable sources claim there is also a flock of carnivorous, weaponized seagulls.


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I'm waiting for the next

I'm waiting for the next episode! please please please will you write it soon?