The Most Challenging Race Known to Man

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Comic Transcript: 

STEVEN: Alan, I still think you're overreacting to most of what went down, but I get why you're mad about the coffee maker. I would never knowingly put a working coffee maker in harm's way.

STEVEN: Let me help you fix this. I found a way for us to get our reputations back -- to increase those reputations. If we pull this off, we will become gods in our profession. Every door will open. Nothing will stand in our way.

ALAN: "Pull this off?" What scheme are you hatching? What's your angle?

STEVEN: Not a scheme. Not an angle. It's a race: the most challenging race known to man! Here's a pamphlet.

(ALAN reads.)

ALAN: "The ID10Tarod."

STEVEN: I hear Alaska is very pretty this time of year.


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That's hilarious!

That's hilarious!

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