Webcomic Storyline: 

Kernel Panic, by Christopher B. Wright

Comic Transcript: 

NARRATOR: August 2, 2006: After an extended absence, the Cartoonist kicks off Kernel Panic with a brief recap of events leading up to the present day.

NARRATOR: September 13, 2006: Three comics later the Cartoonists uses the amazing power comic-driven exposition to provide another recap.

NARRATOR: August 2, 2007: A year later, the Cartoonist feels obligated to provide the audience with a nearly identical recap.

NARRATOR: April 5, 2008: The Cartoonist summarizes all progress in the storyline to date with a somewhat more subtle recap.

NARRATOR: July 8, 2009: The Cartoonist manages to work the recap into a single panel.

NARRATOR: With that out of the way, we return to our story.



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Or, you could just not recap and force us to re-read a bit. It won't hurt us to read the last few strips before the current one. We're big kids - we can do it ourselves!

I say we get snaky recaps

I say we get snaky recaps that mock those who are unwilling to read either the last few strips or recaps.