The Other Bait And switch

Webcomic Storyline: 

Help Desk, by Christopher B. Wright

Comic Transcript: 

JOHNNY: I got an email from Steven last night.



MARTIN: Don't let Alan hear you. He's still pretty mad about the F.B.I. confiscating all our computers and the coffee machine because of the way Steven hacked Wikipedia.

JOHNNY: Oh, right.

MARTIN: So what's Steven up to? Has he found another job?

JOHNNY: Yes... apparently he's working at a phishing store.

MARTIN: A phishing STORE?

JOHNNY: That's what he said. He seemed pretty excited about it.

MARTIN: How exactly does a phishing store work?

(STEVEN stands behind a desk. Next to him is a sign that reads JEBEDIAH'S BAIT & TACKLE. Under that sign is another sign that reads ASK ABOUT OUR NIGHTCRAWLER SPECIAL.)

STEVEN: (Thinking) This isn't exactly what I had in mind.


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Oh how I have missed Kernel

Oh how I have missed Kernel Panic.

Nice to see it back regularly!

Yay oh yay!

Thank you Mr. Wright!

Love the joke, too!


I thought I'd never see the day :P

Woo, Kernel Panic is back, that just made my day!

Also, Chris, if your still having problems with the guys not having any computers in the story, couldn't they gain some from a company throwing some out because they have to upgrade to Verandah, or because they came with Verandah installed, and they can't get rid of it?

Just a thought...

*cough* anyway, Wooo!

Regular updates?

What happened to being updated regularly again?

What do you mean? It updated

What do you mean? It updated the last three wednesdays in a row.

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