Drastic Measures

Webcomic Storyline: 

Kernel Panic, by Christopher B. Wright

Comic Transcript: 

(Conversation coming from behind a closed door.)

JOHNNY: Jack, we've got a system crash here.

JACK: How bad?

JOHNNY: Total system failure.

JACK: Huh.


MARTIN: Drastic measures?

JOHNNY: Drastic measures.

JACK: OK, man, I'm on it.

ARNAULT DRECK: (Stepping through door) Hello Alan! Sorry to barge in here unannounced, but I thought it would be a good idea if we --

(ALAN is lying down on the floor. JOHNNY is holding a funnel in his mouth, as JACK is about to pour coffee into it. MARTIN and PAUL stand by, watching.)

ARNAULT DRECK: I'll come back later.


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Wow! The characters can now be flat on the floor too as well has on their knees!! Good job Chris!

I myself would have hit the wall way sooner than Alan (i.e. with in a day) but then again how many days pasted since then in kernel panic time?