Solving the Wrong Problem

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MONK: Actually, I think I'm going to volunteer for this one.

KING: What? You're crazy. Don't listen to him, Phil, he's crazy.

MONK: No, I'm serious. If this battery is legit, it could be a huge game-changer. Smartphone battery life is pathetic these days. They won't even last a whole day.

MONK: Why won't they last? Because companies who make smartphones don't care about making phones that are useful. They only care about making phones that are thin. If this battery actually does what it's supposed to, we might actually be able to have phones that last more than a day before needing to be recharged!

PHIL: Actually we'll probably cut the battery size in half and make the phones even thinner.

MONK: Of course you will.


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why is everyone so enamored

why is everyone so enamored of thin-ness? There comes a point where it can't be any thinner -- to do so would make it too thin and it could break or bend (when in your pocket), and that might not be a good thing. Why don't they just figure out how to imbed it directly into our skulls and forget any form factor?

. -- Scott

well, if the battery is still

well, if the battery is still somewhat explosive (assuming they don't figure out how to use biological processes to power it), a good rap upside the head might cause it to explode, so that would be part of the skull gun. (Single shot only)

. -- Scott