Operant Conditioning

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PHIL: Hey guys.

MONK: Hey Phil. What's new?

PHIL: The Boss has me working on our newest smartphone design.

MONK: What are we going with this year? Curved display? Aluminum chassis? Always-on notifications?

KING: Razor-sharp hooks that burrow into your flesh whenever you try to put your phone away?

PHIL: We're never going to live that one down, are we?

KING: "Hey King, we want you to test a phone for us. Just use it for a few days and tell us what you think."


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{sigh} check Ubersoft just

{sigh} check Ubersoft just one more time, not expecting anything new...
wait, wut!?
A new comic!
It's been a long time between drinks.
ahh... that feels so much better :)

Yeah, unfortunately for all

Yeah, unfortunately for all the comic fans I'm mostly just writing fiction now.... but I reserve the right to jump back in, from time to time...

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