Hello Darkness My Old Friend

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JUDGE: (Sitting in the dark, thinking) Finally... finally it's all over.

JUDGE: (Thinking) No more court. No more rope. no more gag. Just me, in a dark, empty courtroom, enjoying the bliss of being left completely alone.



FED: The FBI demands that the court force Apple to modify its operating system so that we can break into any phone we want at any time for any reason!

JUDGE: Oh for crying out LOUD.


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https://www.eff.org/effector/29/08, published the same day as this comic:

Oral arguments at the Supreme Court turned ugly today when Apple revealed that a majority of Justices have committed themselves to rule in favor of Apple in all cases. The unwitting Justices ran afoul of a little-known provision of Apple's End User License Agreement, which has now placed the company (AAPL +204%) effectively in charge of the judicial branch of the United States government. At today's hearing, Justice Kagan smugly chided her colleagues for not choosing Android, apparently unaware of her own agreement to a similar provision favoring Google (GOOG +19%).

A math joke: r = | |csc(θ)|+|sec(θ)| |-| |csc(θ)|-|sec(θ)| |