Rock and a Hard Place

Webcomic Storyline: 

Comic Transcript: 

ADALAI FOULE: There will be a short recess while the Judge examines the... erm... evidence brought before the court.


ADALAI FOULE: I'm sorry, I had to cal lit evidence. Apparently it's what you call it.

JUDGE: Mmph!

ADALAI FOULE: Yes, I can see how you might. I must say, you're taking this rather well. Your trials appear rather Sisyphean.

JUDGE: Mmph?

ADALAI FOULE: Sisyphus was punished by the Greek gods. Forced to roll a heavy rock up a hill, only to have it get away from him and roll to the bottom just before he reached the top.

JUDGE: Mmph.

ADALAI FOULE: Yes, for all eternity.

JUDGE: Mmph?

ADALAI FOULE: No, I believe the position is still filled.


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It took me until today to

It took me until today to realize that "they needed a dentist" as an interpreter for "Mmph". #NeedMoreCofffee #EveryDay

Great punchline. The line

Great punchline. The line for Sisyphus' job forms behind me, btw.