Redaction As You Wait

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Comic Transcript: 

ADALAI FOULE: Due to the Judge's current... inhibitions, I will read the Judge's opinion on his behalf.


ADALAI FOULE: (READING) Oh. Ah, no, I probably shouldn't enter that into the court record. Or that. Or... that. Or THAT.

ADALAI FOULE: (READING) No. No. Nope. No. No, no, no, nope.

ADALAI FOULE: I'm afraid reading any part of this decision would offend the dignity of the court.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Is there anything you can say?

ADALAI FOULE: It seems the Judge cares very little for the dignity of the court.


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I suppose "don't care;

I suppose "don't care; getting drunk now" is consistent with not caring about the dignity of the court.