Any Old Verdict Will Do

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ADALAI FOULE: The Judge is not inclined to allow Ubersoft to file assault charges against the group in question. Even if he does accept the "personhood" of a corporation, there is far too much precedent to consider such a... well, I won't use the term he chose to describe it.

ADALAI FOULE: However, on the strength of the argument that Ubersoft is, in the eyes of the law, a person, he is inclined to find it guilty of being a public nuisance.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: But we aren't on trial for being a public nuisance.

ADALAI FOULE: He claims that this trial has been about nothing from the start, and if you can make things up as you go along, so can he.


VIKTOR SCHRECK: I can't find any fault in his legal reasoning.

ADALAI FOULE: He actually referenced you twice in his footnotes.


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Oh. My guts hurt I've been

Oh. My guts hurt I've been laughing so hard. I imagine the current judge on the SCO v. IBM case which is currently trying to outdo Jarndyce v. Jarndyce as longest legal case ever would love to be able to do just that!

I thought at first you'd made

I thought at first you'd made an error and you'd left words out of "this trial has been about nothing but you being a public nuisance from the start". Then I successfully parsed it, but prefer my version.

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