You'll Be A Dentist

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Comic Transcript: 

ADALAI FOULE: Hello everyone. Sorry it took so long, but I’m ready to help.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Adalai! What are you doing here?

LAWYER: Who is this?

ADALAI FOULE: Dr. Adalai Foule, DDS. I’ve been asked to assist the court.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: The court needs someone with a degree in Contemporary Studies in the Background of Evil?

JUDGE: Mmmph.

ADALAI FOULE: I know it’s uncomfortable, but there’s nothing I can do about it. If you didn’t want to be tied up, you shouldn’t have tried to avoid your judicial obligations.

ADALAI FOULE: No, they needed a Dentist.


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how long ago did you plan the

how long ago did you plan the setup for this gag, that Dr. Foule was both a DDS and the other stuff? That only a dentist would understand gag-speech?

. -- Scott

Foule has been a dentist

Foule has been a dentist since his first appearance...

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.

I know that. This is the

I know that. This is the first time (in my memory) that you've needed his skills as a DDS. And for such a perfectly set up gag (pun intended). (Applause!)

. -- Scott