The Trademark Awakens (With Spoilers)

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MONK: Hey Alex! Happy New Year!

ALEX: Hmngh.

KING: Uh-oh. Problem over the holidays?

ALEX: You might say that.

MONK: What happened?

ALEX: You know. The usual.

KING: The usual?

MONK: His dad likes to put up a nativity every year, but replaces all the Biblical figures with pop cultural references. Four years ago he did a Star Trek Nativity that was awesome. It almost always pisses off the neighbors and brings the police.

ALEX: Not the police this time. Lawyers.

MONK: ...what kind of display did your dad put up?

ALEX: Darth Maul, Darth Tyranus, and Darth Vader approach a manger where Han Solo and Leia Organa are holding a baby Kylo Ren in their arms. Luke Skywalker stands over as the angel, holding aloft a red lightsaber as the Christmas Star.

MONK: So he's getting sued by Disney, then.

ALEX: Lots and lots of lawyers.


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I would actually love to see

I would actually love to see that Nativity scene! (I'd also love to know how an old dude like Count Dooku became the new Sith apprentice after Darth Maul died, but that's out of scope for this comic.)

Happy New Year!