An Officer of The

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LAWYER: Your Honor, it's time to come out and adjudicate.

JUDGE: Go away.

LAWYER: Your Honor, we can't proceed without you.

JUDGE: Don't care. Getting drunk now.


VIKTOR SCHRECK: You have a duty as an officer of the--



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But what is he drinking?

But what is he drinking?

A math joke: r = | |csc(θ)|+|sec(θ)| |-| |csc(θ)|-|sec(θ)| |

Talking of drinking, did you

Talking of drinking, did you know that somebody has actually built a robot Drinky? Though he's looking far too chirpy, and that little jar wouldn't even hold Drinky's breakfast. Which makes me think, where *does* Drinky put away his libations? Quantum tunnelling to a pair of hollow legs he keeps at home?

Oh, and many thanks for your comics, past and recent.