Noticing a Trend

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JUDGE: Bailiff, I was hoping you might be able to answer a question for me.

BAILIFF: Of course, Your Honor.

JUDGE: I was eating my breakfast while going over today's docket when I noticed that apparently I'd be adjudicating a case called "Ubersoft v Computer Privacy Alliance."

BAILIFF: I was planning to tell you that a little later, when you were in a better mood.

JUDGE: I was under the impression Ubersoft was pursuing criminal charges against the Computer Privacy Alliance. I'm a civil court judge, you know.

BAILIFF: Due to the unusual nature of the charges, they need to sue for the right to bring criminal charges against the other party.

JUDGE: ...and, of course, someone decided to assign this case to me.

BAILIFF: Your Honor, you know perfectly well that judges are randomly assigned cases via computer.

JUDGE: An Ubersoft computer!

BAILIFF: It's just a coincidence.

JUDGE: I've been assigned every Ubersoft-related case going through this court for the LAST TWENTY YEARS.

BAILIFF: A long-running coincidence.


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Sounds like the Judge needs

Sounds like the Judge needs to be considering contempt charges against the Cartoonist Who Won't Create Another Judge.