An Unsatisfying Explanation

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MARK: Look right nowI don't actually care whose fault it is. Right now I just want to know what it means and how to work around it.

PHIL: Beats me.

MARK: ... Phil, you're a programmer again, right?

PHIL: Sure, but--

MARK: And were you one of the programmers who implemented the Nifty Doorways Eleventy install process?

PHIL: Yes, but--

MARK: Then why can't you tell me why I'm getting a little error box that says "There was a thing" instead of something more useful and informative?

PHIL: Oh, OK. Yeah, I can tell you that.

MARK: Great.

PHIL: We were in a hurry to get the installer done in time for release so we glossed over some stuff.

MARK: You GLOSSED OVER some stuff?

PHIL: We may also have been drinking.


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Christopher, having just read

Christopher, having just read a dire review of the "Fabulous Four" in a local newspaper (here in Blighty) I now know what a 'Thing' looks like. Needless to say, it is not nice!

Incidentally, do you know if China is the only entity to have access to the Nifty Doorways Eleventy codebase, or is it possible, due to privacy considerations, that if you tell me ... you have to kill me?