Sticking to the Script

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CUSTOMER: I'm having a problem with your web browser.

KING: Please describe the nature of your problem and the steps you've taken to try and resolve it so far.

CUSTOMER: Well I can't get it to load any websites. Firefox is fine, Chrome is fine, but any time I try to load something on Internet Conquistador I get a "cannot connect to server" message. Ie ven deleted my browser cache, and--

KING: Sir, I'm going to try to help walk you through this, but I have to ask you a few questions first. Have you tried deleting your browser cache?



KING: OK, I'm going to show you how to delete your browser cache.

This conversation is nearly identical to the one I had with Kobo support, only "I'm having a problem with your web browser" is replaced with "your site tells me my epub is invalid" and "delete your browser cache" is replaced with "run it through an epub validator."


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My wife and I use the "Three

My wife and I use the "Three Ring Binder Syndrome" from Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson to describe this attitude. If it's not in the binder, then by jingo, I will work through the binder's script until the person gives up and admits I've fixed it for them. *Sigh*

YAAAAY helpdesk :->

YAAAAY helpdesk :->

Next, King will have the

Next, King will have the customer upgrade from Conquistador to the new Wedge (playfully called "wedgie" by fans).

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oh, man... Ysth! I hadn't

oh, man... Ysth! I hadn't considered what to name the new browser, but I think you've done it! Ubersoft Wedge it is!

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* Internet Panics *

* Internet Panics *

Great to see you're back! But "Wedge"? Is that really the name of the IE replacement? Bizarre.

Meanwhile, if it weren't for the fact that I plan to install it, I'd wish for you to get all kinds of good material out of the upcoming Windows 10 mass upgrade.

Huzzah! You are back! I am

Huzzah! You are back! I am so glad to see the strip is alive and funny as ever!