A Struggle Between Empires

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JIM WASHINGTON: The book publishing community is reeling as war breaks out between Hachette, one of the five biggest publishers in the industry, and Amazon, the online retail giant.

JIM WASHINGTON: Tonight our industry expert explains this fight, and why it's important to all of us.

INDUSTRY EXPERT: It isn't important, Jim. It isn't important at all.

JIM WASHINGTON: What do you mean?

INDUSTRY EXPERT: Empires, Jim. They rise and they fall. An old empire fights against the growth of a new empire, and all we can do is sit by and watch the battles as they rage. In the end we will have replaced our old master with a new one, and life will continue as it always has.

INDUSTRY EXPERT: This is just another struggle between empires, Jim, and in the end the only difference is that the ring we kiss will be worn by another hand.


JIM WASHINGTON: How are things at home?


NEWS TICKERTAPE: NSA denies allegations of spying on American Citizens :: NSA admits spying on Citizens, claims it's 'not widespread' :: NSA admits spying is widespread, denies any significant data is collected :: NSA admits singificant data is collected, shouts "OH LOOK A DISTRACTION!" and runs away ::


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Your comment reminded me I

Your comment reminded me I hadn't added the tickertape to the transcription. Fixed now!

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.

I think I'm starting to

I think I'm starting to notice a subtle political bent to some of these comics. Are you working for the evil overlords? :P

It's probably impossible not

It's probably impossible not to be working for an evil overlord these days. Hmmm, there might be a comic in there somewhere...

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.