Nothing To Fear (But Beer Itself)

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ADALAI FOULE: I'm still concerned, Alex. Phil's been missing for a week and a half. I don't think I ever should have let him go off with the alcoholic paperclip.

ALEX: They'll be fine.

ADALAI FOULE: It was folly for me to believe that he could keep up with a sentient piece of office equipment.

ALEX: Adalai, Phil initially created Binky because he and the other programmers were playing a coding drinking game. Back then anyone who broke the build had to shotgun a beer. I think he's going to be OK.

ADALAI FOULE: "Drinky" doesn't even have a liver to poison!

ALEX: At this point I'm pretty sure Phil doesn't either.

Happy Birthday, Help Desk. You're 18 years old now.


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"Happy Birthday, Help Desk.

"Happy Birthday, Help Desk. You're 18 years old now."

18 years old? In that case, also happy high school graduation as well!

Seriously, though, this comic has entertained me for years. I lost track of it a few years back but spend the early part of 2014 binging on the entire archives just to catch up and I'm here to stay again. Thanks for all the laughs and may Help Desk last another 18 years (or at least as long as Mr Wright enjoys making it).

You're actually going to make

You're actually going to make us wait the week and a half, aren't you?

I hadn't intended to, but my

I hadn't intended to, but my day job turned up to 11.

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