A Less Than Fine Line

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Comic Transcript: 

PHIL: Oh... Hi Alice...

ALICE: What's wrong, Phil?

PHIL: I went down to Development to visit Barry, and he made it clear he doesn't want me around any more.

ALICE: Oh. Well, I'm not surprised.

PHIL: Well I am. Barry and I have been friends for a long time. He claims I've changed.

ALICE: You have. You were reprogrammed by Apple to be suave and sophisticated. In Barry's eyes you're not the sam eperson any more.

PHIL: I feel like the same person.

ALICE: Phil, the old you would wear the same shirt in to the office every single day for a week. These days you wear fresh, clean uniforms... a concession made for your manager, who is jealous of your superior taste in suits.

PHIL: Ah, poor Brian. Locked into the color brown.

ALICE: See? The old Phil would never comment on the color brown.

PHIL: Yes he would.

ALICE: No, he would laugh because someone said "brown." There's a difference.