The First Slip

Webcomic Storyline: 

Comic Transcript: 

PHIL: I guess you're right. Life is all about change, and I ought to accept it and move on.

ALICE: That's the spirit!

PHIL: I have fond memories of my previous life, but they're more like memories of watching an inappropriately amusing comedy on late-night television.

ALICE: Move on with the life you have now! A life of urbane sophistication and impeccable taste!

PHIL: Right-o! Let's head off to our meeting. Then we'll all gather at La Folie and toast with jelloshooters!

ALICE: ... and toast with what?

PHIL: ... you don't like champagne?

ALICE: Not in jello!

PHIL: Why would we drink champagne in jello?

ALICE: You... you just said...

PHIL: Honestly, Alice, you get the strangest ideas. The next thing you know we'll be pouring it into large cups, strapping it to our heads, and drinking it out of straws.

ALICE: Nevermind!